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"Glyn is truly a wonderful photographer!!!!!!"


Stephanie de Tocqueville


The Countess of Tocqueville

"Glyns photos are fantastic!! Glyn...Thank you for having captured her spirit" 


Arnaud de Pontac


Owner of Chateau de Servigny

"We would like to thank Glyn Ridgers. He made beautiful photos of Chateau le Val. He is a great photographer, very kind and professional, we really enjoyed meeting him"


"Thank you once again"


Karin Twijnstra


Chateau le Val

"TNT Magazine highly recommends Glyn's skills as a photographer. Glyn not only captured the essential images, but also the moments of emotion, the atmosphere of the events, giving us a portfolio of incredible images. Glyn is professional and polite at all times and goes beyond what was expected; speaking with our clients and arranging group photos which all of our clients enjoyed. We would definitely use Glyn again"


Carol Driver


TNT Magazine.

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